Nurturing Your Marriage

You hear so much about how marriage is hard work that it's sometimes easy to forget that marriage is also about happiness. The key to whether or not your relationship is a happy one lies on how you and your spouse nurture it. While no marriage is easy, there are plenty of happy couples in Texas who have certain habits that keep their relationship alive and healthy.

Spend Time Together

You don't have to spend every moment together. In fact, it's healthy and good for you and your spouse to each have your own group of friends to be with at times. However, going to bed together at the same time tends to lead to higher marriage satisfaction. If this isn't possible, then you can still nurture your relationship by finding other ways to be together throughout the day, even just for cuddles.

Praise The Good Stuff

Keeping score of bad habits or mistakes about your spouse is a quick way to break down a marriage. Happy couples instead take note of the good things their spouse does. Did she make the bed and take out the trash for me? Did he warm the car or pick up some groceries on the way home? Seeing your significant other do things out of love means you're more likely to appreciate and reciprocate the act.

Don't Sacrifice - Compromise

You won't always agree on everything in marriage, and that might mean getting your way one day and letting your spouse have his or her way another day. It should work both ways, and no one should feel like it's a sacrifice. According to Fort Worth divorce attorneys, many marriages end in divorce because one spouse refuses to compromise. Happy couples compromise while unhappy couples sacrifice.

Affection Makes all The Difference

Physical contact is important for married couples, and happily married couples aren't afraid to show that type of affection. Even a public display of affection such as holding hands can help to comfort and reinforce the love between two people. Happy marriages are about showing love in many different ways, so don't forget to give an extra peck on the cheek, stroke of the hair, or unexpected hug. By going the extra mile to do all the little (and big) things that makes your spouse feel happy and secure, you too can say you're happily married in Texas.